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woots  *  spoon  *  mustard  *  toast  *  courtesy  *  beginning  *  glue

fear  *  the dance  *  joy  *  pie  *  rejection  *  yam galaxy

pants land  *  brawl  *  waiting  *  vacation  *  sue  *  problems  *  yay

rakes  *  yes  *  nutrient  *  magic  *  tidy  *  tingle  *  phantom limb

deep  *  lies  *  learning  *  triumph  *  flames  *  zest  *  mort

wow  *  ivory ann  *  jingle  *  chaos  *  decimal  *  sass  *  smart

2 thoughts on “ARCHIVE

  1. men do fight or flight, but women tend to stay in the drama. I think there is a lot of truth there. Guys who don’t get along knock each other out and then igorne each other for the rest of their lives. Women, we have these internal dialogues with ourselves. It’s just as well that you stay out of the teacher’s lounge. In my experience no-one is lounging. Just bickering. Stay in your room and help the kids. They soooo need you.

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