4 thoughts on “sass

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  2. Very touching story and so true! I love how you initwertned the burnt macaroni to us without the holy spirit. I’ll always have that visual when I’m making mac and cheese now. Thank you for sharing. It blessed my soul. JamieWellnessandfamily.blogspot.com

  3. Alexandra:I NEVER let Teri interfere with smonthieg that I want to do. But Most of the time it’s just not worth it. And we’re not talking about petty jealousy here (I don’t think.) I think there really she has a formal diagnosis: some kind of personality disorder. I am not interested in trying to fix broken people nor am I interested in spending my precious time (when I could be writing my book) with doojies. Yes, doojies. I’m an English teacher, so I can make up words.I knew I was getting dangerously close to a confrontation, especially since she’d been inappropriate with me one too many times in MY OWN HOUSE. But then my therapist was like: Why do you keep inviting her in? Duh? Why did I keep inviting her in? I learned to stop offering up invitations, stop answering emails, calls: all of it. She got it pretty quickly.When I have to see her, it’s 100% hideous. But at least I know what I’m in for and I must REALLY want to be somewhere to HAVE to endure her abuse.

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