The Original: woots

This is the first one ever created! It was born in the late spring of 2004 and my love of randomness inspired me to keep doodling these little combinations of craziness.

1 thought on “The Original: woots

  1. I’d have to agree with Alex, in that I’d buy GTA V four times. Before you say the same to me, I’ve played Just Cause 2, every Saints Row game, Mafia II, Need For Speed Underground 2 and Most Wanted, Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, and almsot every other Sandbox game on today’s market (Sadly I haven’t gotten to play the older GTA games, but from what I’ve heard, the first Saints Row is practically a carbon copy of those games) And I would still reccommend GTA IV as the best one out there, even without the expansion packs. However, if Saints row 4 actually goes back to having a decent storyline that’s about fighting gangs that arent a complete joke, I may just prefer that game. But that’s about as likely as getting a beta for GTA V.

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